The world of Tomorrow



How long until the future is here? Is it tomorrow or is it in a thousand years? How will this supposed future look like? Be it filled with marvelous technology or shallow in lamentable sorrows? Humans are an ingenious species but sometimes we create mistakes that are disastrous for all of us! How will we learn from our mistakes when most people are too apathetic to make things happen! They lack the willpower and/or resolve to do have things occur. The Earth weeps in sorrow as we trash it in a variety of ways… I fear if we continue down this path, our planet shall be uninhabitable to hold life a worldwide graveyard so to speak where monuments to empires long and gone still stand but yet with seemingly no life to speak its story, the stories of mankind. Say an intelligent species beyond our realm of the solar system, discovers the pale blue dot we call home what will they find? We are here ever reaching towards tomorrow naively forgetting that today our present, is what we make it to be. Think wisely the path you choose, for it may be the final path..


What is Stoicism?

Some say Stoicism means not showing emotions ever and keeping relatively calm during highly stressful times. While this is a half truth, it’s further from the truth of the meaning. Stoicism is essentially a logic and ethics based ancient philosophy brought from the Graeco-Roman world which transcended the past and made its way onto the future, today. While some Stoics of the past were somewhat religious, I do not believe in a God or Gods. For some of you reading this, you might say “wait a second! an Atheist Stoic? how does that work out?” in my opinion, it works out perfectly as a synthesis! Freethinking and Stoicism go hand in hand that actually the concept of Epistemology (subsequently, Street Epistemology) arose from earlier thinkers like Socrates and the founder of Stoicism, Zeno of Citium. Stoics say that knowledge can be found using Reason as it is possible to distinguish Truth from Fallacy especially in an Academic or Street debate about any topic whatsoever. We as humans must verify our beliefs and thus challenge them so we can become more knowledgeable at the end of the day. With that being said I greet any curious onlooker a warm welcome to my blog!